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17 Truths That Will Unlock Your Public Speaking Greatness

Nineteen years, four months and seventeen days ago I said yes.

One month later I was sitting on stage in the main auditorium of VISA International’s global headquarters in Foster City California. Five-hundred VISA employees and a massive camera — broadcasting the event live to the VISA world — stared back at me. Seated with me was an Executive Vice President in charge of…who the hell cares.  CONTINUE…

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5 Unorthodox But Highly Effective Mindsets for Public Speakers

Crafting and delivering 500+ speeches, talks and presentations over the past decade has taught me two important lessons:

1 — Whether you’re a ‘novice’ or a ‘pro’ being an effective public speaker is tough (if you actually give a damn about the impact you have on each listener in the audience)  CONTINUE…

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