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Let's talk about message repetition, social change, saving lives and changing hearts and minds

Repetition makes Memories!  Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr, and Simon Sinek are masters at creating a Core Message and repeating it enough times to make it memorable.

0:00 Repetition makes Memories
1:23 Example #1 – Winston Churchill – We Shall Never Surrender
2:27 Example #2 – Martin Luther King Jr – I Have A Dream
3:31 Example #3 – Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Let's listen to wisdom and guidance from Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Barack Obama

When we are deep in the anger and sadness of racist moments, it helps to find a larger and more encompassing perspective. One that will help us move forward so we can do our part to bring about real, positive change.

Here are some words of wisdom from Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Barack Obama to give us strength and guidance.

Let's talk about why listeners listen and how Dan Barasch gets and keeps his audience engaged

Four insights gleaned from analyzing the 2014 TED Talk of Dan Barasch “A Park Underneath The Hustle and Bustle of New York City”

0:15 Hook Their Attention
0:51 Acknowledge Pressing Questions
1:46 Create An Intriguing Title
2:57 Tell Stories With Pictures

Let's talk about how the first 5 steps will enlighten and delight your listeners

CAPTURE your listener’s attention and get them eager to hear your speech. 5 Steps to creating a compelling speech opening.

4:51 Step #1 – Attention
5:39 Step #2 – Relevance
6:19 Step #3 – Credibility
7:05 Steps #4 & 5 – Thesis + Preview

Let's talk about the power of Comparing and Contrasting to make your message memorable and shareable

One of the secrets to the astounding success of Simon Sinek’s first TED Talk is how he used the COMPARE AND CONTRAST technique to make his material more Memorable and Shareable!

0:00 The Power of Compare and Contrast
2:00 Example #1 – Marketing Messages
3:20 Example #2 – Leadership Style
5:07 Example #3 – Team Motivation

Let's talk about how to instantly engage listeners with questions and stories like Simon Sinek

Simon’s TED talk has been viewed 62 million times (as of May 2020) on TED and YouTube. One of the secrets to his astounding success is how he combines QUESTIONS and STORIES to capture the listener’s attention right from the start!

0:00 The Importance of Getting Attention
1:02 Asking Focusing Questions
2:02 Tell Stories that Deepen Context

Let's talk about how to make riveting informative speeches like David Christian

A deep look into the structure and strategies used in David Christian’s TED Talk “The history of our world in 18 minutes”.

0:39 Strategy #1 – Determine The Through Line
2:45 Strategy #2 – Use 2 to 4 Point Body Structure
4:02 Strategy #3 – Plan Transitions and Pauses
5:47 Strategy #4 – Design Graphics and Props
7:44 Strategy #5 – Body Language, Voice Pacing, Sound Design